Monday, February 27, 2012

Cover Reveal!

I'm super excited to be able to reveal the cover for my M/M erotic short with Musa Publishing! No worries, I'm not gonna drag it out and make you wait ;P

Behold, the cover for HAPPY HOUR:

I must admit, I'm loving it! Green happens to be my favorite color, so that part is a huge plus. And the dark-haired guy in the forefront? Um, hello, hottie!
As a side note, how about a little blurbage? Yeah? Okay it is:

Sal has spent three years serving drinks behind the bar and servicing guys in the back room. It’s been a nice gig, one Sal has enjoyed. But things change the night hot-as-hell Matt walks in and takes a seat. 

Sal is instantly drawn to Matt, more than any guy before him. He’s gorgeous, sexy, commanding—and Sal can’t stop himself from going for it. The two men are on each other in a flash, sharing in a frenzied lust that culminates in immense pleasure for them both.

But Sal has made a mistake.  He isn’t supposed to go all the way. Going all the way means trouble. And Sal can’t have any more trouble.

Now he must do the one thing he hates most—the one thing he can never take back.

Please, let me know what think of the HAPPY HOUR cover and blurb!

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