Thursday, February 9, 2012

hello, world

As you can see by the lack of any before it, this is my very first blog post--and I must say, the world of blogging is much quieter than I had anticipated. Hmm...must be a game on.

What does one say in their inaugural post? Think, JD, think.

Oh, I know. How about a little of what you can expect to find here. Does that sound good? Cool.

So, if you avert your eyes to the top of this blog, you'll notice the title: JD Barrett, m/m erotica author. Now, I'd like to point out two things:

Number One - M/M For those of you in-the-know, kudos. But for those of you who may have stumbled onto my little virtual island in their quest for M & Ms, let me explain. You see, sometimes boys like girls. And sometimes, girls like boys. But alas, there are those times when boys like boys and girls like girls. This here blog is dedicated to those of us in the Boy-on-Boy persuasion--hence the M/M. Confused? Here, maybe this'll help:

A fine example of M/M, if you ask me

Got it? Good, let's move on.

Number Two - Erotica. Now, this one should be pretty self-explanatory--especially for anyone over the age of, say, fifteen (yes, it seems young...but times, they are a-changin'). For those of you who are familiar with this term, welcome. For those of you who were deep into Google searches for erosion, my apologies. This blog is NOT about erosion. It is, however, about Erotica. It is about steamy, sexy, raunchy, descriptive sex. Yes, you shy folks out there...I said S. E. X.  What type of sex? See Number One. Or better yet, see below:

A very fine example of M/M sex, in my opinion

Understand yet? Man, I hope so. Okay, moving on.

I must also declare that, as a M/M Erotica Author (remember that blog title at the top? yep, that's me) I do enjoy images like the ones you've seen here today--and like the one you see in the background (isn't he lovely?). And at any given time, said images will pop up on the now:

One last example of excellent M/M, no?

Please don't act so stunned. I clearly stated above the two key elements of this blog: M/M and EROTICA. If this image is disturbing, then this definitely isn't the site for you. (because trust me, there's gonna be lots of images like this!)

In closing, I do hope you have enjoyed perusing this post today (for all you M/M erotica lovers out there, you're welcome), and I also hope you will stop by often. And please, feel free to share your thoughts on M/M, Erotica, the hot images I'll be throwing at ya, and oh yeah...Writing (can't believe I forgot about that Author bit. Geesh.)

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